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I wanted to create this page to gather all of my work together in one place to make it easier to find. It will be listed from most recent to least. I will update it with news as it becomes available and will always have links to point you to where you can read (and review if you like) all of my published work.

I will update it with news as it becomes available and will always have links to point you to where you can read (and review if you like) all of my published work.

You can also read more by clicking the blog tab on the toolbar above. Also, find me on Facebook and Twitter! I look forward to meeting you!

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Watson and Me: Tails from the BoroughThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2018-11-24-at-5-33-25-pm1.png


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The Ink and the Drumming–ONE: MARTIN

Martin Bloom is a maitre d in Manhattan. He earns a good living and enjoys his simple life. Two days before his 60th birthday, he encounters Julianna playing her cello in the 42nd Street subway station. The friendship that quickly develops between the two has life-altering consequences for them both. Maybe certain people are just meant to be on our path, if only for a while.


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The Ink and the Drumming–TWO: ROB

When Rob Donnelly woke up this morning, he anticipated today would be the worst day of his life. At one thirty in the afternoon, the divorce he never wanted from his wife of twenty-four years will be final, but he won’t be there. Rob will be spending the day in Philadelphia, where the national tour of a musical he is performing in is currently playing.

Not wanting to let the day get the better of him, Rob has made plans to spend the day solo. As a series of events unfold, Rob realizes that while he may be by himself, he is anything but alone.



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Happiness is Nowhere– A Memoir

Many of us live our lives with the notion that happiness is a destination. We believe that when we finally get somewhere, get that job, obtain that thing or have that special relationship we will be happy. We’re sure there is a sunset to ride into where everything will go smoothly and our troubles will be over. We’ve been convinced there is a “secret” and that knowing it will make our lives complete.

Scott Langdon has spent the better part of his life chasing after this false idea. Sometimes the chase for that next big thing was thrilling, but ultimately it always ended poorly, sometimes with devastating results. His career at a standstill, his family life in shambles, and his will to live completely drained, he all but gave up on life.

After finding himself at this deadly crossroads in January of 2015, Scott set out on a new course, rejecting the notion that happiness can be found, but rather experienced one day at a time. He discovered that the key to happiness is that there is no key to happiness.

Through personal stories and commentary, Langdon encourages readers to experience their own transformations with regard to how they view their own journey to happiness, realizing that the destination is the journey.